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See Over 24,000 Alcohol Involved Texas Crashes in 10 Seconds

Posted in Car Accidents on June 25, 2017

It’s no secret that driving after consuming alcohol is dangerous to yourself and to others around you. Unfortunately, we’ve represented several people in our great state who were harmed by drunk drivers and their lives were changed forever. We hear “Don’t drink and drive” all the time but sometimes when you hear a message so often, you…

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Can Semi-Truck Accidents Cause Spine Injuries?

Posted in truck accidents on October 25, 2019

Spine injuries are some of the most life-altering injuries victims can suffer in auto accidents. A serious spinal cord injury could cause permanent damage, such as the inability to feel or move below the point of injury. The catastrophic nature of most semi-truck accidents in Dallas can easily lead to injuries to the spine, back…

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Top 6 Things You Should Not Do After an Injury

Posted in Uncategorized on October 23, 2019

You have more influence over your future than you might think after suffering a personal injury. While a good attorney may be able to build a case against a negligent party regardless of your actions after an accident, taking the correct steps could greatly increase your odds of securing a settlement or jury verdict. With…

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How Dangerous Is Road Rage?

Posted in Car Accidents on October 22, 2019

Road rage refers to extreme aggression behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. While it is normal for drivers to sometimes become frustrated or angry, road rage brings driver frustration to the level of violence or recklessness. A driver putting him or herself and others in danger due to serious aggression is road rage. If…

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Halloween Pedestrian Safety Guide for Dallas

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents on October 22, 2019

Pedestrians are always at risk of injuries while walking around Dallas. Negligent and distracted drivers can collide with pedestrians and cause life-changing injuries. In 2017, 615 pedestrians in Texas lost their lives in traffic accidents. On Halloween, however, pedestrians may be at a greater than usual risk of accidents due to careless and belligerent drivers….

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What Are Special Damages in a Personal Injury Settlement?

Posted in personal injury on October 18, 2019

Filing a personal injury claim serves multiple purposes, but one of the most crucial for a victim is obtaining a compensation award for economic and/or noneconomic damages. A positive injury settlement could contain award amounts to cover many different damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. While each personal injury settlement is…

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What Is Malicious Prosecution? (Updated: 2019)

Posted in personal injury on October 7, 2019

Prosecution is the process through which the state brings criminal charges against an individual. Any prosecution must have a foundation of probable cause or reason to believe the individual committed the crimes in question. Additionally, criminal charges exist with the intent of upholding justice. “Malicious prosecution” is a legal term pertaining to any prosecution made…

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5 Things an Attorney Needs for a Valid Injury Claim

Posted in personal injury on September 26, 2019

An injury claim goes through the civil justice system to try to obtain financial compensation for an accident victim. An injury claim is something an injured party can file against one or more parties for allegedly causing the harm in question. After a car accident, for example, a victim may be able to a personal…

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What Is a Blue Form Accident Report?

Posted in Car Accidents on September 25, 2019

A Blue Form Accident Report is a nickname for the standard Driver’s Crash Report in Texas (CR-2). It is a form you may see after you get into a car accident. The Blue Form Accident Report is something you may have to file with the Department of Transportation (DOT) if the police do not fill…

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Could You Report a Reckless Semi Truck Driver?

Posted in Uncategorized on September 24, 2019

Semi truck drivers have high standards of care they must obey behind the wheel. Like other drivers, they must follow roadway rules and speed limits. They must also meet federal guidelines for safe and prudent driving. A negligent, careless or reckless semi truck driver could endanger everyone else on the road. If you notice reckless…

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Guide to Sharing the Road With Semi Trucks

Posted in Safety on September 23, 2019

Semi trucks are critical to the country’s economy. Commercial big rigs transport millions of tons of goods across the country each year. Traveling alongside large trucks, however, can come with certain safety threats to the average driver. The great size and weight disparities between a semi truck and a passenger vehicle mean the latter almost…

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