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See Over 24,000 Alcohol Involved Texas Crashes in 10 Seconds

Posted in Car Accidents on June 25, 2017

It’s no secret that driving after consuming alcohol is dangerous to yourself and to others around you. Unfortunately, we’ve represented several people in our great state who were harmed by drunk drivers and their lives were changed forever. We hear “Don’t drink and drive” all the time but sometimes when you hear a message so often, you…

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What Should I Do If I’m Injured on Public Transportation?

Posted in Personal Injury on September 23, 2020

Public transportation is an affordable and convenient way to commute to work and get around town. It should provide a safe and efficient travel experience for passengers. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In 2018, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported 65,000 bus accidents and 10,046 railroad accidents. If you get injured while taking…

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Texas Dog Bite Laws 2020

Posted in Dog Bites on September 21, 2020

Dog attacks can happen when you least expect it, such as while visiting a relative or walking down a neighborhood street. They can cause significant injuries, including lacerations, puncture wounds, degloving, face and neck injuries, permanent scarring or disfigurement, and wrongful death. A dog attack can also cause emotional injuries. If a dog bites you…

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Common Fourth of July Safety Mistakes

Posted in Safety on June 22, 2020

This year, the Fourth of July holiday falls on a Saturday – making it, even more, inviting for events such as barbecues, pool parties and firework displays. No matter how you plan on celebrating Independence Day, do so safely. The Fourth of July is one of the most dangerous days of the year in terms…

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Texas Firework Laws

Posted in Safety on June 22, 2020

 The 4th of July is less than a month away, and while it may look a bit different from previous years due to the coronavirus, many people in Texas are still planning to celebrate in a familiar way – with fireworks. Whether you plan on attending a public display and social distancing or celebrating right…

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What Is Pro Se Litigation?

Posted in Personal Injury on June 18, 2020

 You do not lawfully have to hire an attorney to bring a personal injury claim in Texas. No law makes it mandatory to retain legal representation during insurance claims or lawsuits. You may choose to represent yourself during your claim instead. The legal term for a plaintiff who represents him/herself is a pro se litigant….

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The Rise in Roadway Fatalities in Texas During COVID-19

Posted in Car Accidents on June 17, 2020

One of the biggest changes COVID-19 brought to Texas was stay-at-home orders. Many cities enacted mandates requiring residents to stay at home except for essential activities. As a result, traffic volume on some of Texas’ busiest streets drastically decreased. Law enforcement officers assumed this would correspondingly decrease the number of fatal car accidents. Unfortunately, it…

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Know Your Bicycle Rights in Texas

Posted in Bicycle Accident on June 15, 2020

Being a bicyclist in Texas comes with several inherent risks. Distracted drivers, drunk drivers, roadway hazards and an increased chance of head injuries are some of the risks you take on as a cyclist. How you address these risks could determine whether or not you get into a bicycle accident. Texas crash statistics for 2018…

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How a Traumatic Brain Injury Can Lead to Risks of Suicide

Posted in Brain Injury on June 7, 2020

Traumatic brain injuries and mental health have a close connection. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to many physical, emotional and behavioral changes in a survivor. These changes could cause an overall decrease in a survivor’s enjoyment and/or quality of life. A TBI may also cause conditions such as depression and anxiety. Together, these…

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What Happens If You Get in an Accident With a Suspended License?

Posted in Car Accidents on June 5, 2020

A car accident case in Texas can involve many different factors. One is the invalidity of one of the drivers’ licenses. Driving with a suspended license can lead to serious penalties in Texas. If a driver gets into an accident with a suspended or revoked license, the consequences for breaking the law can be even…

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What Factors Can Sabotage My Personal Injury Claim?

Posted in Personal Injury on June 3, 2020

A personal injury claim is a complicated type of civil suit that requires a lot from a claimant. The typical plaintiff will need to understand rules such as filing deadlines, how to prove negligence and when to take a claim to trial. Unfortunately, several factors could sabotage your personal injury claim if you are not…

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