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3 Home Fire Safety Prevention Tips for Winter

Posted in Safety on November 7, 2021

Wintertime home structure fires are shockingly common in the U.S. They cause thousands of serious injuries and deaths every year. Fire departments respond to an average of 354,400 house fires per year – the cause of about 11,220 injuries and 2,620 deaths annually. The winter months of December through February account for 30% of all…

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What Is the Texas Dram Shop Law?

Posted in Car Accidents, Liability, Personal Injury on October 26, 2021

When one person injures another, the injured party may seek compensation for his or her injuries and associated expenses by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person who injured him or her. In some situations, a third-party may share some of the blame. This third-party may not have directly contributed to the injury-causing incident,…

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What to Do If Your Injury Was on a Commercial Property

Posted in Premises Liability on October 14, 2021

Every day in Texas, people suffer serious injuries in premises-related accidents. These are accidents that occur due to hazards on a property, such as slip and fall accidents, dog attacks, and staircase accidents. Premises accidents can take place at private residences, on public property or in commercial buildings. If you were injured due to a…

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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Texas?

Posted in Wrongful Death on October 10, 2021

If someone you know passes away in an unexpected accident, you may have grounds to file a wrongful death claim. This is a type of civil lawsuit that seeks to hold someone accountable for causing a preventable death. Filing a claim can make your loved one’s story heard and give your family the answers and…

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Funeral Expenses in a Wrongful Death Claim

Posted in Wrongful Death on October 10, 2021

There are many reasons to file a wrongful death claim after the unexpected death of a loved one, including giving them a voice in the justice system and holding a negligent party responsible. Another benefit of bringing a lawsuit is recovering financial compensation for the costs of your loved one’s funeral and burial. In Texas,…

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How to Prove Fault in a Wrongful Death Claim

Posted in Wrongful Death on October 9, 2021

If your family wishes to file a wrongful death claim in Texas, you must learn how to navigate the legal process. One of the most important things to know is that it is your responsibility as the filing party, or plaintiff, to prove the fault of the party or parties you are blaming for your…

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What Happens if an Injury Victim Dies While Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim?

Posted in Personal Injury on October 8, 2021

A personal injury claim can bring justice to an injured victim by holding a wrongdoer accountable. Sadly, not all accident victims live long enough to see their day in court. If someone passes away while pursuing a personal injury claim in Texas, the claim doesn’t die with them. The victim’s surviving family members or a…

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What You Should Do After a Workplace Accident in Dallas

Posted in Workplace Injuries on October 7, 2021

Many workplaces in Texas are hazardous for employees. Even a job that seems safe, such as an office job, can be the setting of a serious accident. Slip and falls, electrocutions, staircase accidents, transportation accidents, equipment-related accidents, and other disasters can cause painful and debilitating worker injuries. If you get injured in an accident at…

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How Can Medical Malpractice Result in a Spinal Cord Injury?

Posted in Medical Malpractice on October 6, 2021

A spinal cord injury can have a devastating effect on a victim and his or her family. Some spinal cord injuries cause permanent damage, such as paralysis or chronic pain. It can be even more difficult to cope with a spinal cord injury knowing that it is connected to the malpractice of a medical professional….

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Who’s Liable for Falling on an Uneven Sidewalk or Street?

Posted in Slip & Fall on October 5, 2021

A slip or trip and fall accident can cause serious injuries, including broken bones and concussions. If you get injured after falling on an uneven sidewalk or street, you may be able to bring a claim for financial compensation for your injuries and related bills. The party that is liable, or financially responsible, for your…

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