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Average Settlement for Slip-and-Fall Knee Injury in Texas

Posted on November 13, 2022 Slip & Fall
We are often asked, “what is the average settlement for slip and fall knee injury?” Our Texas slip and fall lawyers would like to provide insight around this question.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that if the current upward rate of slip-and-fall accidents in the U.S. continues, seven slip-and-fall deaths...
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Examples of Walmart Slip and Fall Settlements: What Does Their Policy Mean?

Posted on October 22, 2022 Slip & Fall
Save Money. Live Better. This is Walmart’s promise to patrons who shop at its approximately 601 Texas stores. But when Walmart fails to maintain a safe environment, you can be left with a devastating new normal that falls short of what Walmart promised.  Slip and fall victims are left to pick up the pieces...
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What to Do If You Fall in a Store

Posted on June 28, 2022 Slip & Fall
Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of serious injuries in the U.S. Falls, in general, account for about eight million hospital visits each year, while slip and falls alone account for one million. You could slip and fall when you least expect it – such as while grocery or...
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What Are Owners Liable for in a Slip & Fall Accident on Their Property?

Posted on June 15, 2022 Slip & Fall
When a person legally visits another person’s property, the visitor has a reasonable expectation to visit without fear of injuries. Property owners have a legal duty to ensure their properties do not pose any risks of injury to lawful visitors. They must take appropriate steps to address and correct known safety issues or at...
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What Are Long-Term Injuries From a Slip and Fall Accident?

Posted on June 14, 2022 Slip & Fall
Slip and fall accidents do not only cause minor bumps and bruises. According to statistics from the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents account for over one million emergency room visits per year. A victim may end up in the emergency room after a fall for a serious injury such as a...
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