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Dallas Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft have transformed shared transportation – but not to everyone’s benefit. Hundreds of rideshare users have suffered serious personal injuries and the deaths of loved ones in preventable rideshare vehicle accidents. Negligent Uber and Lyft drivers can cause major injuries and cost victims thousands of dollars in hospital bills.

If you or a loved one suffered damages in a Dallas rideshare accident, contact our lawyers for a free consultation about your case. You could be eligible for a settlement or judgment award from the at-fault party.

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Why Do You Need an Attorney?

Dealing with Uber or Lyft’s insurance company during an accident claim can prove difficult for victims. Insurance claims adjusters often try to take advantage of clients when they see they do not have attorneys. They may offer much less than the case is worth, or deny a valid claim. Hiring an attorney can make sure no one infringes upon your rights as a victim. While you spend time recovering from your injuries, your attorney can help with complicated legal processes. An attorney can fight for maximum available compensation on your behalf.

Common Causes of Rideshare Accidents

Dallas rideshare accidents happen for many of the same reasons as other car crashes. Some of the most common contributing factors are driver negligence, distracted driving, driving under the influence, speeding, and breaking other roadway rules. Distraction is a significant risk when taking an Uber or Lyft, as rideshare drivers must stay logged into the apps on their phones for the duration of the trip. They must manually respond to new ride requests while they drive. Cellphone distractions can lead to collisions with other vehicles, objects, or people.

Other potential causes of a rideshare accident are dangerous premises and defective vehicle parts. A dangerous premises, such as an unsafe roadway construction zone, could cause a collision by creating hazards. Potholes, debris in the road, and loose nails could all cause a rideshare accident in Dallas. In these cases, the property owner or city may be liable. Other crashes could come about because of auto part defects or lack of proper vehicle maintenance.

Is the Rideshare Company Liable?

The two largest rideshare companies, Uber and Lyft, often escape liability for accidents involving their drivers and vehicles. They do this by classifying drivers as independent contractors rather than employees – thus avoiding vicarious employer liability. Even without proving negligence, however, rideshare riders can qualify for benefits under each company’s $1 million insurance policy. Both policies cover riders for the duration of rideshare trips.

A rideshare driver’s personal auto insurance policy may have to cover damages if the driver was not signed into the app at the time of the collision. In these cases, the company will not be liable since the driver was off the clock. Determining whether a victim falls into one of the covered categories under Uber or Lyft’s insurance plan can be difficult. An attorney can help a rideshare accident victim understand his or her rights.

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Rideshare accidents can happen because of drunk Uber or Lyft drivers, poor vehicle maintenance, or driver distraction. Whether you were a rider, a pedestrian, or another driver at the time of your injuries, you could be eligible for compensation from the at-fault party. An attorney from the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. could help you determine the defendant in your case and fight for fair recovery. Contact us today for a free consultation in Dallas.

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